The story

The story

In one of my many travels through South-Africa, I visited the Southern Suburbs of Capetown and ended up in a street where I was amazed to see enormous queues of people waiting for something. I was curious to find out what was going on. People on the street told me it was always this busy because Dr Richards sold some kind of wonder cream that would be an incredible help to lose weight. Well, I have marketed quite a few sliming products in my time, but had never heard of this before. I waited three and a half hours for Dr Richards and told him of our success in Europe with natural products. He was so pleased that I had waited patiently for him on this bench that he invited me to his practice. And really, I couldn’t believe my eyes. In his kitchen three large black women were making a gel in large pots and pans in a way we are no longer familiar with. I would call it 50 litres of gel for a whole day “in the kitchen”. But anyway, what was put in little jars today would be sold out by 12 o’clock the next day with the message: “Everything is gone, come back tomorrow!” That’s how it went day in day out. The gel really worked! This is the best advertising ever! I arranged to see Dr Richards again at 8 am the following day. I wasn’t able to sleep all night, would he be prepared to tell me something about his secret? Much to my surprise, he was very open the next day. He told me that various etheric oils in combination with Hoodia and Guarana resulted in this unique effect. And that was the reason for this characteristic unique smell. I proposed to him, very boldly:“Let’s ship 5000 litres to Europe”. 5000 litres! The man was totally flabbergasted. I told him that I had once started with Ginseng using very large cauldrons and herb mixers. “If I would buy you large cauldrons, we could do this in a week!” In the end, we managed to make 5000 litres using all the pots and pans and the new cauldrons in 10 days, the whole kitchen was covered in gel, including the three large black women!

The name and the product
The 5000 litres were put on a ship to Rotterdam, and I flew to New York for a conference on natural products. When I opened the curtains in my hotel on Time Square that first day, I saw a huge billboard on the other side of the square with a lady reclining in a bathing suit. “TRIMSPA!! Lose weight!” Back in the Netherlands I was having a brainstorming session with our employees about the name: hoodiagel, slim gel, gel this, gel that! All very original! Suddenly I thought about the TRIMSPA lady in her bathing suit and yes, this gel does trim your body so it had to be TRIMGEL right? And when, in 2005, Oprah Winfrey wrote in her “O” Magazine: “Deep in the heart of the Kalahari Desert may be the secret to dramatic weight loss”, it was an immediate and enormous success. In the meantime, we have sold more than 650,000 tubes, 175,000 litres! Fortunately we did not have to make them in Dr Richard’s kitchen. Neither of us would have lived to tell the tale! What we can tell is that there is still that large queue of people - no longer in the street in South-Africa, but in the back office of our website. However, the gel and the story have not changed: it is a product that works well and sells itself! We still have loyal customers every day, seven days per week ordering 3 to 4 tubes at a time, for which I am very grateful. But nothing beats success with a product that really does work well!

Thanks to all our loyal customers!

Anton Zeilstra


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