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“Orange peel skin”

More than 90% of all women suffer from cellulite.

Orange peel skin, also known as “cellulite”, is a lumpy change of the skin that is caused by subcutaneous fat storage. It is a fairly common phenomenon that occurs almost exclusively in women, and is mainly visible on the thighs and the buttocks.

The common perception is that orange peel skin is a disease, but it is actually an unsightly change of the skin. Following puberty, some 90% of all women suffer from this unpleasant phenomenon to a greater or lesser extent.

There is no clear link between obesity and orange peel skin, but the phenomenon becomes more visible with obesity. Losing weight is not the solution for cellulite by definition, but weight loss can have a positive, albeit minimal effect.

With TRIMGEL you can specifically target cellulite and make weight loss a visible and tangible success.
Do you want to lose pounds?

YES... I DO!

The slimming gel, which many have been waiting for, is now available throughout Europe. That's good news for anyone looking for an product that could accelerate the slimming process. TRIMGEL is such a product. The ingredients of TRIMGEL contribute to achieving such results that they have even reached Oprah Winfrey. In Europe alone more than 550,000 users have been very successful. So order today and create your own weight loss success!
American slimming product responsible for breakthrough
The popular product TRIMGEL®, a slimming gel, derives its properties from HOODIAMAX® – a formula with natural active ingredients: plant extracts and aromatic oils. The combination of ingredients makes the gel especially suitable for countering subcutaneous fat accumulation.
The “TRIMGEL effect”
TRIMGEL is applied directly to the familiar “problem areas” where fat tends to accumulate: such as the stomach, hips and thighs. This “topical application” makes using the gel exceptionally effective 1). There is a high concentration of active substances in the gel which are quickly absorbed through the skin without leaving any greasy residues. In all cases TRIMGEL will soon prove to be your effective “Buddy”. Even if there is no overweight you may use TRIMGEL successfully for the control of local fat deposits, cellulite or “orange peel skin”. The interaction between the gel and light massage results in a tangible improvement in the skin. With TRIMGEL your body is worked on all day long while you work, sleep or enjoy your holiday.
  • Supports the weight loss process specifically and effectively.
  • Helps to reduce excess body fat.
  • Helps to noticeably reduce cellulite.
  • Results in a tangible improvement to the skin.
Now joining the successful TRIMGEL: TRIMCAPS
Trimcaps TRIMGEL was launched in 2005. The product quickly settled in with the most successful weight loss products. Despite that, the producer found sufficient reason to develop a second product to accompany TRIMGEL: TRIMCAPS HARDCORE® with EPHYGREEN™. This was prompted by a Japanese study into the role of seaweed in promoting weight loss.
Fat becomes energy
During a meeting of the American Chemical Society in 2006 Kazuo Miyashita, professor at Hokkaido University in Japan, announced that the seaweed Wakame (Undaria pinnatifida) had a strikingly stimulating effect on the metabolism. Professor Miyashita and his team discovered that Wakame influences the effect of a protein in the body and thus contributes to speeding up the metabolism. Wakame does not itself lead to the resulting weight loss, but stimulates the body’s own strengths that lie in the protein UCP1 2).
Now available as a nutritional supplement
This discovery was immediately seized on for the development of TRIMCAPS. The properties of Wakame are combined with those of other algae types, well known tea extracts and substances containing caffeine. The end result: effectively portioned capsules that can simply be taken as a nutritional supplement. TRIMCAPS occupies a position of its own alongside TRIMGEL and ideally complements it.
Dreaming of a slim figure?
Of course you are! But dreams can come true. So start losing weight today! Use TRIMGEL as an aid to weight loss by applying it directly to your stomach, thighs and hips. TRIMGEL will also help you to get rid of cellulite, or “orange peel skin”. We warmly recommend TRIMCAPS if you want to lose weight and get results: the product broadly supports the weight loss process and helps to metabolise excess fat. Both products can of course also be used together for optimum results.
Order now!
TRIMGEL and TRIMCAPS are known as aids to weight loss that can gain good results. The products already have thousands of satisfied users. No it’s your turn: order these weight loss products exclusively online using the order form below. Do it today!

1) Topical application means applying the substance directly to the skin, exclusively on a certain part of the body. This application method has a favourable effect on achieving the goal. It also makes TRIMGEL economical in use.
2)Publication from 2005: “Fucoxanthin from edible seaweed, Undaria pinnatifida, shows antiobesity effect through UCP1 expression in white adipose tissues”, authors: Hayato Maeda, Masashi Hosokawa, Tokutake Sashima, Katsura Funayama and Kazuo Miyashita – Hokkaido University, Hakodate, Hokkaido 041-8611, Japan.


Trimgel SLIM 3-D

Hoodia in the media

- The OPRAH Magazine (July, 2005, in the article “Diet Pills - The Next Generation”), talking about Hoodia:
“Deep inside the South African Kalahari Desert lies the possible secret of losing weight.” -

21 November 2004
“African Plant May Help Fight Fat”
- “The Hoodia from the Kalahari Desert could be the latest weapon in the fight against obesity.
Hoodia, a plant which tricks the brain, as it were, into believing you are full has been part of the diet of the South African bush men for thousands of years.” -

29 November 2004
“Pointy Plant Offers Weight Loss Help”
- “Dr. Richard Goldfarb thinks it works. He is the medical director of research and development at Bucks County Clinical Research. He says Hoodia isn't a stimulant but it works on the brain.
Goldfarb: « The appetite suppressant effect -- after it accumulates in your system, after only a few days that we saw in our study has shown that people will cut their calories probably in less than half and their not desiring any additional food. » ” -

30 May 2003
- “Imagine this: an organic pill that kills the appetite and attacks obesity. It has no known side-effects, and contains a molecule that fools your brain into believing you are full.” -
- “Deep inside the African Kalahari desert, grows an ugly cactus-like plant called the Hoodia. It thrives in extremely high temperatures, and takes years to mature.
The San Bushmen of the Kalahari, one of the world's oldest and most primitive tribes, had been eating the Hoodia for thousands of years, to stave off hunger during long hunting trips.” -

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